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How To Design Racing Bibs With Gravit Designer

With Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions, you can learn how to design racing bibs with Gravit Designer, another free online app that is simple to use.

From the Microsoft Windows App site download Gravit Designer
How To Design Racing Bibs With Gravit Designer

  1. Steps to get your Racing Bib template started:

    To start: Open the Gravit Designer Program, and there will be a “New Design” Tab, click and type in the size 6.25 inches by 9.25 inches, and then click “Create!”

  2. Now for the Design:

    There are a lot of design element tools. If you click on the “Libraries” button, there will:

    – Shapes
    – Illustrations
    – Icons
    – Emojis
    – Stickers
    – Frames
    – Lines
    – Unsplash Photos

    All these elements add to your design. So play around with them, but if you want a certain type of theme, there is a search bar. For example, I wanted runners, so I typed running and a bunch of running-themed designs came up. The search bar can be very helpful.

  3. Time to add type and style:

    So at the top toolbar, there will be a “Text” Button, once you click and drag on the artboard, you can start typing, and if you want to change the style of type there is an option on the right side of the window. You can change:

    – Style
    – Size
    – Alignment
    – Spacing
    – Color

    Please make sure to the middle of the bib is used for the racer’s names and numbers.

  4. Sample of the spacing you will need:

    This is a sample of what will be cut off (aka dye-cut). this is shown in a bright red line. So make sure you have an extra 0.125″ around, to work with the cutting. and the circles are going to be punched out, so don’t put important information close to the corners.

  5. The names and numbers, set up with Google Sheets:

    So need variable data for the bibs, if you send this to a printing store, they will ask you for an excel sheet. And if you have Mircosoft Excel, use it. But for this “How To” we will be using Google Sheets. So let’s get started.

    Open Google, go to the top right corner (logo of 9 circles), click on it, and open sheets.

  6. Google Sheets:

    Open a blank template. Then on 1 (A, B, and C) type the title of the bibs. They are usually “Number/ First Name/ Last Name”.

    Then at the bottom, type in the number assigned to the racer, and the racers name going down the column.

    Then once you have all the information you need, now it’s time to save it. This is how you save, the share button at the top right corner.

  7. How to Save the day or your files:

    Most print shops where you get your racing bibs printed will ask for a PDF File. Here is where to save a PDF file on Gravit Designer.

    – File (Top Left Corner)
    – Export
    – PDF Document (pdf.)
    – 150 dpi

    Then save it to your computer!

    Please note Make sure to save two files. One with the text and style in the middle, for a sample temple, and one without the text in the middle as a working file.

Easy and free, that is how to design racing bibs using Gravit Designer.

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

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