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How to Design Business Cards with Gimp

How to Design Business Cards with Gimp

Learn How to Design Business Cards with Gimp and Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions. Start making your cards today!

Download and install Gimp here


Steps to design a business card:

  1. Getting Started

    This program does not have a blank premade template for business cards, so the standard size of business cards size is 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

    – to get started go to File, New

    Then a window was pop up showing a fill-in area, the width is 3.5 inches by 2 inches, then
    click ok!

  2. Tools for Design:

    At the top, left corner is all the tools you need to make a business card. But we are just going to be using the basics (text tool)

    Type tool: Drag your cursor to make a text box, then type. Easy right? When finished the will be two options windows for you to change the (style/size/alinement/color) of the type.

  3. Please Note:

    The one difference I notice in this program is the font styles. you need to click the font style button to get a drop-down menu of all the fonts.

  4. Let’s talk about spacing:

    The GIMP Program has a ruler to help with spacing. The best measurement for spacing is 0.125 inches away from the edge of the artwork.

    To get these Rulers/guidelines click on the side of the window that visibly shows the ruler, and drag toward the artboard.

  5. Saving your GIMP Business card design:

    The best way to save your Business card design is by going to:
    file, then exporting, then OK!
    This has a default to save it as a PNG File.

    Please Note:
    If you go – file, then save, it will save it only as a GIMP file. And that could be problematic to open in other programs if needed

    Once you saved, you learned the step to make a basic business card with GIMP

Easy and free, that is how to design business cards using Gimp

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page


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