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How to Design Business cards with Lunacy

How To Design Business Cards With Lunacy

With Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions, you can learn how to design business cards with Lunacy, another free online app that is simple to use.

From the Microsoft Windows App site download LUNACY

How to Design Business cards with Lunacy

Once you download the APP, you can start using the program. There is a helpful guide on how the program works when you open up the Lunacy program. But for this blog, I am going straight to helping you make a basic business card.

How to Design Business cards with Lunacy

It’s all about the Business Card!

  1. Let’s get the business card template setup:

    So there are limited premade templates, to start from scratch.

    – Go to “File“, New cloud Document (CTR+SHFT+N),
    – Select the Artboard logo (Located on the left toolbar),
    – Click on your work area, and an artboard will pop up.

    Then on the right, you can change the size (it’s in pixels) and type in W: 336 pixels and H: 192 pixels. Which are 2 inches by 3.5 inches. Standard business card size.

  2. Get your text started:

    On the lefthand toolbar, there will be a text logo. Select the logo and drag it on the artboard. This will create a text box. Then start typing what you would like on your business card!

  3. Get to know your style:

    Then on the righthand toolbar, there will be options for your type. Under Appearance, there are text styles, size, alignment, and spacing.

  4. Mind your spacing:

    There are a lot of options with Lunacy when it comes to spacing. There is a ruler on both sides of the workspace, and then the text box has magnets to move text around.

    – So you use the rulers to grab and drag. The rule of thumb is to keep artwork and text 0.125 inches away from the edge.

    – Now for the magnet tool. If your text has a little too much spacing in the text box, click the magnets and it will move the text close to the edge of the text box so you can get better space balance with your type.

  5. Saving is the key:

    There is a couple of step to saving the file.

    – Go file, save as, and save to your computer (it will be a .SKETCH File)
    – Open the saved file

    – Go to File, Save as, and select PDF. file, then Ok.

    The best file to save is a PDF. Most of the printing industry loves PDF Files. You will save a lot of headaches by doing this.

That is how to design business cards with Lunacy which is the closest program to Adobe software you can get for free. This program is highly recommend.

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

When you have your design ready to print, your next step is to decide what kind of business cards suits your needs. 

We are a Calgary printer that prints high quality business cards such as…
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Laminated Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Raised Spot Business Cards
Foil Accent Business Cards

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