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Short-Run Book Printing Services

For anyone self-publishing, or looking for a professionally bound book.

Short-run book printing is the process of printing a smaller number of books. It’s ideal for those looking to produce fewer books, between a couple and a dozen. 

Most other printers are used to printing books in bulk – in quantities starting in the hundreds, but potentially in the thousands. This is because most printing and binding machines have hefty setup times, which makes them better suited for producing larger quantities. While this is a cost-effective way of making books, it is not ideal for people looking to get fewer books done, such as self-publishers, hobbyists, or entrepreneurs.

However, at Color Right Now, we have the machinery required to produce shorter book runs. Our digital printers have a fraction of the setup cost, and our team of experienced bindery workers ensures books are bound accurately and professionally. If you’re looking to produce fewer books, contact us today!

What are the benefits to short run book printing?


Short-run book printing is a cost-effective solution for authors, publishers, and businesses looking to print a small quantity of books. Because the printing process involves digital technology, there are no setup costs associated with traditional offset printing.

Quick turnaround time:

Short-run printing allows for a much faster turnaround time compared to offset printing. With digital printing, the setup time is minimal, and the printing process can be completed quickly. This means that books can be printed and delivered in days rather than weeks or months.


Short-run book printing offers greater flexibility regarding book size, binding, and cover options. Digital printing allows for the customization of each book, which makes it possible to print books in different sizes, thicknesses, and formats.

Reduced storage costs:

Digital printing Calgary requires a smaller print run, which reduces the need for storage space. This reduces the cost of storing excess inventory, a common issue with traditional offset printing. 

Lower risk:

Digital printing Calgary reduces the risk of overprinting, which is a common issue with traditional offset printing. Overprinting can result in excess inventory, which can be costly to store or dispose of. With short-run printing, there is less risk of producing too many copies, reducing the risk of financial loss.

Environmentally friendly:

Digital printing is much more environmentally friendly than traditional offset printing. Because short-run printing requires fewer resources and produces less waste, it has a lower environmental impact.

When to use short-run book printing

Short-run printing is similar to long-run book printing, except it is the term used for books printed in quantities less than 500. Color Right Now can produce shorter book runs with no minimums.

Pros of Short-Run Printing

Short runs work well for authors who want to begin in-person book sales as soon as possible. Short-run printing can be used if you have an upcoming speaking event and would like to have some copies available for purchase.

You will get the same quality in a short run as you would in a long-run. This means you will have a consistent, high-quality product.

Binding choices for book printing

Add a custom finish to your book to get your desired look and appeal. We offer different finishing options such as metal Wire-o, Plastic Coil, Perfect binding, Saddle-stitching, and more.

How much does short-run book printing cost?

Request an estimate  and receive a quick reply. Upload your file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page.

You can design your files for printing

Our how-to page is loaded with many tutorials on designing your files for printing. Once you have your file print-ready, use this file upload page and get your project started!

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