Racing Bibs

Runners in a marathon with racing bibs.
A simple number, a lot of meaning.
Professional racing bibs by Color Right Now.


Is a racing bib just a simple tag? Ask most marathon and racing addicts, and they’re bound to show you “The Collection.” You’ll see them lovingly framed and hung in the garage. You’ll see them stitched into sentimental works of art. You'll see them pinned in homemade displays. They could be turned into makeshift wallpapers for runners' bedrooms!

For so many that participate in a race, that bib is just as valuable as any medal, badge or trophy that could be won; a simple number with a whole lot of meaning to it.  

Backed by printing mastery and professional resources, we’re here to make sure that number looks great for the race, for the victory lap, and for the memories.

What We Use


You’re on the move, and you’re likely giving it everything you got! With your body undergoing that strain, your bib is probably doing the same.

Tyvek is the #1 material used for racing bibs, and for good reason. It defies tearing, is highly water resistant, and takes well to printing and writing alike. Through mud, snow, rain or clear skies, the material simply stays together under any racing stress it could be given.

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What You Get

Plain Stock Bibs

Classic, clean and simple plain white bibs with unique numbers. A good choice for smaller and highly localized marathon events. Standard black ink used for bib number and info.

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Custom Bibs

Showy, dynamic and highly customizable bibs to feature designs, logos, colour and whatever additional information you would like. Best for large, sponsored, or acclaimed marathons.

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Bike Tags

Sturdy and element-resistant front and/or rear tags for cycling races and marathons. Reach out to us to give us an idea of what customization you have in mind for your bike tags.

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Custom Shirts

Using dye sublimation, we're also able to print full shirts that feature marathon numbers and information. To give us an idea of how you would like your shirts rendered, contact us or request an estimate!


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