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Tent Cards

Tent card printing is the latest trend in table-top marketing.

Economical and stylish, table tent cards promote your products or services for the purpose of conveying your message in a simple and appealing way. Restaurants throughout the globe have unquestionably achieved their sales goals through table tent card advertising.

Effective Marketing

Table tent cards are an extremely effective marketing tool ideal, in essence, for the service industry; advertise items like food and beverage specials, introducing new products or services at restaurants, bars, conferences and upcoming trade shows. Bring your advertising message right to the table in the right time simultaneously boosting your sales and promotions.


Table tent cards in hotel rooms are very useful tools. Advertise pay per view movies, room service menus, or information about your services, facilities or the surrounding area. Table tent cards is great to advertise to restaurant guests and any place where people gather together around a table given that they capture the fast attention of your potential customers.

Our full color table tents can be used for a wide range of promotions and marketing of your business. Some examples are restaurant menus, advertise specials, upcoming events, special occasions or just a simple thank you to your clients.

Prices vary based on size. To receive an accurate price of your tent cards, use our Request an Estimate page.

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