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Saddle-Stitch Booklets

What is a saddle-stitched booklet?

Saddle stitch booklets are a type of binding used to create small booklets or pamphlets. The term “saddle stitch” refers to the method of stitching the folded pages together through the center fold line using wire staples or stitches. The booklet is named after the saddle-like appearance that occurs when it is opened and laid flat.

Saddle stitch booklets are important for several reasons:

  1. Cost-effective: Saddle stitch binding is a relatively inexpensive binding method compared to other options like perfect binding or spiral binding. It is a popular choice for small-scale publications and marketing materials, such as brochures, catalogs, event programs, and newsletters.
  2. Versatile and efficient: Saddle stitch booklets can accommodate various sizes and page counts. They are well-suited for booklets with a low to medium number of pages, typically ranging from 8 to 64 pages. The process of saddle stitching is relatively fast, making it a time-efficient binding method.
  3. Easy to read and handle: When opened, saddle stitch booklets lay flat, making it easy for readers to view and navigate the content. The pages are securely held together, ensuring the booklet stays intact and the pages remain in order. This feature is particularly useful for manuals, guides, or any publication that requires users to refer back to specific pages while using it.
  4. Professional appearance: Saddle stitch booklets offer a clean and professional look. The staples or stitches are usually placed along the spine, keeping the binding discreet. This binding method allows for full-color printing on the inside and outside pages, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the booklet.
  5. Wide range of applications: Saddle stitch booklets find applications in various industries, including marketing, publishing, education, and event management. They are commonly used for product catalogs, instructional manuals, employee handbooks, travel brochures, programs for events, and more.

Overall, saddle stitch booklets provide a practical and cost-effective solution for creating small publications, combining affordability, versatility, and a professional finish.

How many pages can be in saddle-stitched booklet?

Pages must be in multiples of four. The only feasible page counts for saddle-stitched booklets are 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, and so on. Even if a page within the booklet is blank, it still counts as a page.

Our vast paper choices for both cover and inner pages allow you to choose the perfect option for your booklets.

How much do Saddle-stitched books cost?

Prices vary based on page count, many paper stock choices and the size of your booklet. For an accurate price of your saddle-stitched booklet, use our Request an estimate page.

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