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Perfect Bound Books

Why use perfect binding?

Perfect binding is a bookbinding method used to create paperback books. It involves gluing the pages of a book together at the spine, rather than sewing them. The process typically involves roughening the edges of the pages, applying an adhesive to the spine, and attaching a paper cover.

Here are some benefits of perfect binding:

  1. Cost-effective: Perfect binding is a cost-effective method of binding books, especially when producing large quantities. The process is relatively simple and requires fewer materials and labor compared to other binding methods.
  2. Professional appearance: Perfect binding creates a clean, polished look for books. The flat spine allows for the inclusion of titles, author names, and other information, making the book easily identifiable on a bookshelf.
  3. Flexibility: Perfect binding is suitable for various book sizes and thicknesses. It can accommodate a wide range of page counts, from a few pages to several hundred, making it a versatile option for different types of publications.
  4. Easy readability: Perfect-bound books lie flat when opened, which makes them easy to read and allows for better handling. This feature is especially beneficial for books like novels, textbooks, magazines, and catalogs that are frequently read or referenced.
  5. Printing options: Perfect binding allows for high-quality printing on the spine and covers. This makes it possible to incorporate eye-catching designs, artwork, and additional information, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the book.
  6. Accessibility for customization: Perfect-bound books offer ample space on the spine and covers for customization. Publishers can print logos, branding elements, or other relevant information on the covers, helping to establish a unique identity for the book.

When should I use Perfect binding?

It is commonly used for paperback books, magazines, catalogs, and other types of publications. Here are some types of books that are well-suited for perfect binding:

  1. Novels and Fiction: Perfect binding works well for novels and other works of fiction. It provides a clean and professional appearance, allowing for easy reading and handling.
  2. Non-fiction Books: Perfect binding is suitable for a wide range of non-fiction books, including textbooks, reference books, biographies, and self-help books. It allows for easy navigation and durability.
  3. Art Books and Photo Albums: Perfect binding is often used for art books and photo albums as it can accommodate different paper weights and sizes. It provides a flat surface, allowing for full-page spreads and high-quality image reproduction.
  4. Catalogs and Magazines: Perfect binding is commonly used for catalogs and magazines, particularly those with a higher page count. It offers a professional finish, durability, and the ability to lay flat when opened.
  5. Cookbooks and Recipe Books: Perfect binding is suitable for cookbooks and recipe books because it allows the pages to lay flat, making it easier for readers to follow recipes while cooking.
  6. Poetry Collections: Many poetry books use perfect binding due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It allows for multiple poems per page and can accommodate varying page counts.
  7. Annual Reports and Corporate Brochures: Perfect binding provides a polished and professional look for annual reports, corporate brochures, and company portfolios. It gives a sleek appearance and can handle thicker paper stocks.
  8. Children’s Books: Although children’s books often utilize other binding methods like board books, perfect binding can be used for longer children’s stories or novels. It offers a smooth finish, making it comfortable for children to handle.

These are just a few examples, and perfect binding can be suitable for a wide range of book types. However, it’s important to consider factors such as page count, paper weight, and the desired look and feel of the book when deciding on the binding method.


The benefits of perfect binding

Perfect binding has a number of compelling benefits. Firstly, and most importantly for many, it’s very affordable. Not only are perfectly bound books more cost-effective than hardcover binding methods, but perfect binding can also be used on relatively small print runs, allowing customers to create high-quality printed products on a budget. The University of Calgary, also known as printing uCalgary uses perfect binding on many of its projects as it is an economical solution to bookbinding. The uCalgary print department relies on Color Right Now for many of their other projects, and we deliver!

Perfect bound books are the ideal medium for containing a textbook’s worth of information, with a professional finish, at an economical price.

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How much do perfect bound books cost?

Prices vary based on page count, many paper stock choices and the size of your booklet. For an accurate price of your perfect bound book, use our Request an estimate page.

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