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Parking Pass Hang Tags

Parking pass hang tags are essential for parking lot management

Parking pass hang tags provide a visual way to identify authorized vehicles. Hang tags help ensure that only authorized vehicles park in a designated area. Desirable for Residential areas like condos, apartments and guest parking. Great for hospitals, schools, universities, event centers, large or private corporations and much more. Easy-to-remove hang tags are essential to transfer from one vehicle to another as needed.


It is very important to make your hang tags undeniably impossible to duplicate by incorporating your logo, watermarks, unique numbers, or custom foil. Additionally, each type of permit can have consecutive numbering or variable data added. This provides a unique identifier to each tag for a small additional cost.


Digital printing allows us to print your personalized imprint with no limitations to the number of colors. We can even print complex shading patterns and high-resolution photographic images at no additional cost.


These tags hang on the rearview mirror of the vehicle, where they can easily be read by parking attendants. Most hang tags are made of durable plastic, and some are made of paper or cardboard and can be torn or damaged easily. It is important to choose a hang tag that will be resistant to weathering and tearing. Our tags are constructed from durable 14 mil polyethylene. Resistant to both heat and cold and will not yellow or crack.

We design

Do you have a parking pass hang tag idea but do not have a design? Color Right Now has you covered as we design parking lot materials that save you money. Check out our graphic design services! We have been proudly serving the needs of schools, businesses, and organizations with personalized hang tags for over 25 years. We will be happy to offer guidance and help you select the correct product for your application.

You can design your own tent cards

Check out our HOW TO page to learn which free software’s we recommend to create your own digital print file for your project.

How much do Parking Pass Hang Tags cost?

Custom printed parking pass hang tags come in a variety of quantity options, size options and stock options. Request an estimate today.

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In addition to parking pass hang tags, coroplast sign printing can be a great way to provide more detailed information about your parking lot.

Color Right Now is one of the top-rated printing companies Calgary recommends for all your printing needs. We are located just outside of downtown Calgary in the beltline. To make it easy, we have free parking for our customers, come see us today!

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