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Large Posters

Get noticed with Large Posters

Our beautiful high-quality custom large posters printing will look great in your office, retail store, at a trade show, or at any event in Calgary. Our competitive prices combined with our top-quality ink and paper, make our posters the best choice in Calgary. Unlike other companies that only offer specific sizes, we can print CUSTOM SIZE posters up to 52″ wide. Printed on premium 9pt poster paper with a satin finish, each poster is 180gsm thick and a photo-quality print.

CRN offers laminated posters. Choose from 3 lamination options: matte laminated posters, shiny laminated posters, or dry-erase laminated posters.

Sizes Fit for a King and Queen

Our wide range of medium to large poster sizes have more than enough space for big and small details. Customers normally choose from three standard poster sizes:

  • 24″ x 36″ is a popular choice for large posters announcing a major sale, a new store branch, and other big deals for outdoor display.
  • 18″ x 24″ is a standard medium size for advertorials, campaign collateral, movie promotions, and other marketing materials meant to be seen in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • 16″ x 20″ is a common choice for artwork, photos, or other decorative images displayed on walls and windows.

We design

Do you need posters but do not have a design? Color Right Now has you covered, check out our graphic design services! We have been proudly designing large posters for schools, businesses, and organizations with printing for over 25 years.

You can design your own posters

Check out our HOW TO page to learn which free software’s we recommend to create your own digital print file for your project.

Large Posters FAQs

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, you can order a size that isn’t offered in our standard choices on our Custom Quote page. We also offer other customizable options for the paper stock, lamination, and order quantity.

Is there a minimum quantity requirement for ordering large format posters?

No, we do not require a minimum quantity for large format posters. You can order 1, 10, or up to 50 large format posters.

My design looks blurry. How do I fix?

Have a small image that you want enlarged? We can enhance your image, allowing us to adjust the color, size brightness using AI software.  This takes time and someone who has experience running the software to make sure that the quality is maintained while allowing the image to be enlarged to the greatest possible size without distortion but yes we can!

What is the fastest turnaround for a large format poster order?

All orders with come with a PDF proof and will be printed after you have approved the file. Posters can be ready two business days after approving your proof, which means you only wait 72 hours after submitting your order when you approve your proof immediately after receiving it.

At Color Right Now, we print are more than large format poster printers

We laminate posters with our lamination services. We make it easy for you to make perfect customized labels and stickers for just about anything you need! Let’s help you make an annual report that will stand out from the rest, and impress your investors.

Visit us in-store

Whether you are looking for one poster or multiple posters, we offer the best poster quality and pricing in Calgary. Pick up your posters at our beltline location or we ship anywhere in the Canada.

Rush production is available for your poster printing. Please contact us for rush pricing.

Printing in Calgary is easy when you partner with Color Right Now. When printing posters, Color Right Now is the first choice for many businesses. Come see us today!

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Are you not sure what questions to ask when inquiring about having your next project printed? Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers all the most common questions people ask us.