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  • Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Material: 80 lb. gloss coverstock
  • Ink Coverage: full color, double sided


Elevate your online store’s visibility with our expertly crafted flyers. Printed to perfection, these dynamic marketing tools serve as impactful ambassadors for your brand. Captivate your target audience with compelling visuals and concise messaging, creating a lasting impression. Whether promoting exclusive offers, new arrivals, or special events, our flyers are tailored to enhance your business’s presence. Imbued with a professional touch, these printed materials seamlessly bridge the digital and physical realms, maximizing your reach and customer engagement. Invest in the power of tangible marketing – our flyers are the key to unlocking new opportunities and fostering brand loyalty.

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Flyers are a great way to promote your business

They can be used to advertise sales, events, and special offers. Flyer printing is a cheap and effective way to reach potential customers. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a flyer. First, make sure that it is eye-catching and easy to read. Use bright colors and bold fonts to attract attention. Second, make sure that the information on the flyer is clear and concise. Include only the most important details, such as date and time, venue, and contact information. Finally, make sure that you order enough to reach your target audience. Distribution methods include mailing, hand-delivery, or posting in public places. With a little effort, flyer printing can be an effective marketing tool for your business.

Flyer Mailing Services

We can mail your flyers directly to your customers and prospects. We’ll help you find new customers with a customized mailing list through Canada Post mail options. See about our mailing services.

How much do flyers cost?

Our flyers are printed in full color single-sided 8.5″ x 11″ on a glossy text stock with our prices indicated on the left. If you need something different then request an estimate and receive a quick reply. Upload your file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page.

We design flyers

Do you have a flyer idea but do not have a design? Color Right Now has you covered as we design marketing materials that make you money. Check out our graphic design services!

You can design your own flyers

Check out our HOW TO page to learn which free software’s we recommend to create your own digital print file for your project.

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Color Right Now is one of the top-rated printing companies Calgary recommends for all your printing needs. We are located just outside of downtown Calgary in the beltline. To make it easy, we have free parking for our customers, come see us today!

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Frequently asked questions about flyer printing

  1. What are 4 reasons people use flyers??
    * Low cost. Marketing flyers can produce big results on a small budget.
    * A well designed flyer distributed to the right audience is a very effective way to generate leads.
    * Support your digital marketing.
    * Easy to track results..
  2. What are the 6 things that make an effective flyer?
    Each flyer should contain the following elements: a headline, brand elements, contact information, a call to action, text, and visuals. Each of them should be placed strategically, and that is what makes a good flyer design.
  3. If I upload my own design, what file types do you accept?
    We accept .pdf, .EPS, .ai, .indd, .psd, .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .doc and .ppt.
  4. How do you distribute flyers effectively?
    We’ll help you find new customers! We work with Canada Post to a customize mailing list to your needs to have your flyers delivered right to their mailbox. See about our mailing services..
  5. How do I design my own flyer?
    There are over 30 free online softwares available to design flyers. Color Right Now recommends Krita. We will guide you how to design your own flyer.

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