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Feather Flags

High-Quality, Durable, and Printed Feather Flags

As a business owner, you should look for the best and effective ways to advertise. Our printed feather flags are a convenient solution for all business owners seeking to advertise their products or services. Our exhibition flags are efficient promotional and marketing materials to increase brand visibility.

Made of high-quality fabric and carbon composite fibre, the printed feather flags are long-lasting and durable. Our flags come with poles that are strong and measure 16 mm diameter. The fibreglass material is an excellent thermal conductor, making the pole heat-resistant.

Our printed feather flags offer vivid, vibrant and feature distinct colours. The high-quality dye sublimation printing provides high resolution to increase visibility and attract passers-by. These properties give them long-lasting and everlasting graphics for effective communication.

Choose a printed feather flag from two size options available. You can also get print consistency every time with our Pantone (PMS) colour match option. To create your unique brand, you can modify the graphics by uploading your artwork, using templates provided or hire a designer.

Easy to Care and Portable Personalized Feather Flags

Our personalized flags come with poles and spike bases for easy installation. Storing or moving the personalized flags from one location to another is easy, making them very portable. These characteristics make our flags usable for several years, thus guaranteeing you an excellent ROI.

It’s very easy to keep the personalized feather flags looking like new. You can launder the flags using a gentle cycle option on the washing machine. Handwashing them using a mild liquid detergent is also a viable way to ensure the flags are clean.

Why choose Color Right Now?

You will receive a high-quality product, friendly and timely service in addition to a competitive price. Whether it’s for your for your design, printing and marketing needs, surely Color Right Now has you taken care of. We offer great solutions for Financial, Retail, Health, Energy, Not-For-Profit, as well as specialty industries.

Color Right Now offers custom printing services and solutions for businesses of all sizes in addition to any industry. Besides tent cards, we offer a wide range of services and provide extraordinary proficiency resulting in success for our customers.

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Prices vary based on size.
To receive an accurate price of your feather flag, use our Request an Estimate page.