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Dry Erase Boards

Simply the best custom printed dry erase boards available

Dry erase boards have three substrate options which are are Melamine, aluminum composite and acrylic.

Most of the whiteboards available at your local stationery store are made of Melamine and are great for limited use. You can buy Melamine at your local hardware store. It is much less durable and tends to produce ghosting as the surface is more porous. You may have purchased one of these boards in the past and noticed a large plastic frame around the whiteboard designed to protect it as they are known to crack or chip if they are dropped.

Aluminum composite panels are great for printing on and look amazing for a very reasonable cost. We can make the whiteboard as big as five feet wide by ten feet long and as the panels are painted white, you can write and erase on them regularly. We used this method twenty years ago in our company to schedule jobs. The disadvantage is that you will notice ghosting and the boards will need to be cleaned more frequently. The aluminum is susceptible to dents if you are not careful.

Acrylic panels are more durable, produce the same high quality once printed and with a dry erase laminate on top, protect the graphic from scratches and need less cleaning. The maximum size we can get acrylic boards are four feet by eight feet and they are more difficult to machine to size but the end product looks fantastic.

For bulk quantities, request an estimate instead. Upload your  file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page.

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