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Door Hangers

Door hangers can be an effective and targeted marketing tool for promoting services. Here are several ways in which door hangers can help in marketing a service:

Local Targeting:

Door hangers allow you to target a specific geographic area. This is particularly useful for local businesses or services that cater to a specific neighborhood or community.


Placing a tangible item on someone’s door ensures that your message is physically seen. Unlike emails or online ads that can be easily ignored, a door hanger is a physical presence that demands attention.


You can customize door hangers to make them more personal and relevant to your target audience. This personal touch can make potential customers feel more connected to your service.


Printing and distributing door hangers can be relatively inexpensive compared to some other marketing methods. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a local audience.

Tangible Marketing:

Door hangers are physical items that people can touch and hold. This can create a stronger impression compared to digital marketing methods.

Call to Action:

Include a clear call to action on your door hanger. Whether it’s a discount code, a phone number to call, or a website to visit, make it easy for potential customers to take the next step.

Information Delivery:

Door hangers provide enough space for essential information about your service. You can highlight key benefits, features, and contact details, making it easy for potential customers to understand what you offer.

Time-Sensitive Promotions:

Use door hangers to promote limited-time offers or seasonal promotions. The physical nature of door hangers can create a sense of urgency, encouraging people to take immediate action.

Brand Awareness:

Consistent use of door hangers can contribute to building brand awareness in a specific area. When people repeatedly see your brand, it can increase trust and familiarity.

No Competition for Attention:

Unlike online advertising where your message competes with numerous others, a door hanger has the recipient’s undivided attention when they see it on their door.

Trackable Response:

Include a unique QR code or phone number on the door hanger to track the response rate. This can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Remember to design your door hanger carefully, ensuring that it’s visually appealing, easy to read, and provides a clear message. Understanding your target audience and tailoring your message to their needs and interests is key to the success of any marketing campaign, including one using door hangers.

We design door hangers

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We print more than door hangers

In addition to door hangers, we print a vast amount of different marketing products. Brochures are a great way to provide potential customers and clients with more detailed information about your products or services. Sandwich Boards are an exceptional choice for sidewalk signs to help promote your business. Window decals are perfect for adding custom signage to your store-front windows or doors.

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