Direct Mailing


Direct mailing is the process of getting physical promotional mail to a viable client base. We’ll print the materials for your mailing campaign, but the services we provide for direct mailing go much further than that:

Want to know your ideal demographic?

Color Right Now has professional marketing personnel to seek out, analyze, and build upon your business’s most beneficial demographic. By studying your locale, features, range and the needs of valid clientele, we’ll hone in on those that would want your services the most.

Do you prefer to have your advertising printed off and mailed through a single venue?

Naturally, Color Right Now can easily print any piece of mail marketing you need and put the shipments together. You may not know we are also Canada Post Certifiedmeaning everything is in order for us to do the mailing for you as well!

How effective is direct mail marketing?

Direct mailing is still going strong, even in the digital age. In fact, many statistics show that the personal and accessible nature of direct mailing leaves far better impressions on clients:

  • The response rate to direct mailing is on average five to nine times higher than digital marketing due to being seen as more personal and trustworthy.
  • Studies conducted by UK Royal Mail found that 60% of recipients find brands easier to recall with direct mail than with digital advertising.
  • 80 – 90% of direct mail gets opened and at least scanned on average, while only 20-30% of email marketing is viewed.

To give us the scope of your direct mailing campaigns, please use our Request an Estimate page or contact us!


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