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Car Magnets

Car magnets are an exceptional choice for removable vehicle signs to help promote your business, support a cause, and more. The thick magnetic material and will stay on your vehicle even during highway driving, and are fully weather resistant.

Our preferred magnet stock is made by Magna and is the most aggressive magnet stock we have found to date.  We can even apply a laminate on the magnet to keep the graphics looking amazing for years to come.

Also, magnets are a fantastic solution if you use your vehicle during work hours but when not working, you want to keep your profession private.

What will car magnets stick on?
Car magnets will stick on any panel of your car that is made from that metallic material. Some high end or specialty vehicles utilize synthetic materials or even carbon fiber which is not magnetic and will not work with a magnet. Many cars utilize a lot of plastic for parts such as bumpers. If you’re wanting to apply something in those areas, check out our custom stickers!

Prices vary based on size. To receive an accurate price, use our Request an Estimate page.

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