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Bridge Banners

Large, bold, and highly visible bridge banners to be hung over roadways. These high traffic locations are an excellent way to advertise your event.

The latest Traffic Flowmap for the city of Calgary shows roadways like Crowchild trail and Shaganappi have over 100,000 thousand vehicles a day traveling on them.  To our knowledge, there is no cheaper method of advertising to that volume of captive audience! Try driving on Glenmore Trail at 4pm any weekday, do you or don’t have plenty of time to read the message on the bridge banners?

Our bridge banners are made of highly-durable vinyl banner mesh, guaranteed to withstand Calgary’s unpredictable weather conditions.

We offer installation and removal services to insure your banner is installed at the correct location and taken down in the timeframe specified.

Wondering if your organization qualifies for roadway banners? Check with the City of Calgary’s Banner Over Roadway page for available locations, design specifications, sizing requirements, and more. Otherwise, contact us anytime with any additional questions or concerns.

Upload your file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page. For custom sized bridge banners or bulk quantities, request an estimate

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