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Bike Plates

Order your custom-printed bike plates for your race today!

Racing bike plates, also known as number plates or race plates, are lightweight plastic plates that are affixed to the front of a racing bike. They are typically used in competitive cycling events, such as road races, time trials, and criteriums, to identify the riders and their teams. The plates are usually color-coded and feature the rider’s number, name, and/or team logo.

One of the primary benefits of racing bike plates is that they make it easy for spectators, race officials, and other competitors to identify each rider and keep track of their performance during the race. This is especially important in events with large fields of riders, where it can be difficult to distinguish individual riders without some form of identification.

In addition to their practical benefits, racing bike plates also serve as a form of branding for riders and teams. Many riders and teams design custom plates that feature their logos, colors, and other distinctive elements. This can help to build team spirit and identity, and can also serve as a way for riders to showcase their sponsors and supporters.

Another advantage of racing bike plates is that they can be easily removed and replaced as needed. This is important for riders who compete in multiple events or races, as they may need to switch plates between races or events. Additionally, the lightweight materials used in the construction of racing bike plates help to minimize added weight on the bike, which can be important in races where every ounce counts.

Finally, racing bike plates can also serve as a souvenir or memento for riders and fans alike. Many riders keep their race plates as a reminder of their accomplishments and achievements, while fans often collect plates as a way to remember specific races or events. Some races even offer custom plates as part of their registration package, making them a unique and memorable keepsake for participants.

In summary, racing bike plates are a small but important element of competitive cycling events. They serve a practical purpose by identifying riders and teams, while also providing a way for riders and teams to showcase their identities and sponsors. Racing bike plates are lightweight, easy to remove and replace, and can serve as a lasting memento of a race or event.

How much do bike plates cost?

In full color, our bike plates feature a 10 Mil Synthetic Nevertear stock. Our prices are indicated on the left, if you need something different then request an estimate and receive a quick reply. Upload your file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page.

We can design bike plates for you

Do you need bike plates but are lacked a design? Check out our graphic design services! Color Right Now has you covered.

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Frequently asked questions about bike plates

  1. How fast can I get bike race plates?
    If you have your artwork ready to go, for a “Same Day” service fee, we can print and ship within 24 hours of you approving your proof. Standard service is 3 business days from your approval of your proof.
  2. Are the bike plates re-usable?
    Yes, Since they are made from a plastic-like material, you can re-use them for your next race
  3. How do I design my own bike plate?
    There are over 30 free online software’s available to design bike plates. Color Right Now recommends Canva.


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