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Bike Plates

Order your custom-printed bike plates for your race today!

Bike plates are typically small plates or stickers affixed to a bicycle to identify the rider during a race. The bike plates usually display the rider’s unique identification number, name, team name, and other information, depending on the event.

Having a bike plate is beneficial during a race because it helps organizers identify riders and record their time accurately. The plates are often used in conjunction with timing systems to track each rider’s progress throughout the race. This information is essential for calculating rankings and determining the winners of the race.

Additionally, bike plates can be useful for safety purposes. If a rider falls or is involved in an accident, the plate can help medical staff identify the rider and provide them with the appropriate medical care. Furthermore, plates can be helpful in preventing theft.

Overall, having a bike plate is essential to participating in a race. It helps ensure accurate timing and provides safety benefits,

We manufacture our plates from highly durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant 10 Mil Synthetic Nevertear. Participants must endure the most challenging conditions and abuse during a race, and our custom bike plates are more than capable of surviving these conditions.

You can customize the design and logo of these plates with your logo and a number. The corners are always rounded.

Mounts securely with twist ties or zip ties with mounting holes pre-drilled that go through the plate and around the bars. It is unnecessary to secure them to cables, and they will not obstruct or bend cables.

How much do bike plates cost?

In full colour, our plates feature a 10 Mil Synthetic Nevertear stock. Our prices are indicated on the left, if you need something different then request an estimate and receive a quick reply. Upload your file here, or use the upload section of the checkout page.

We design bike plates for you

Have you ever needed plates but lacked a design? Check out our graphic design services! Color Right Now has you covered.

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Color Right Now is one of the top-rated printing companies Calgary recommends for all your printing needs. We are located just outside of downtown Calgary in the beltline. To make it easy, we have free parking for our customers, come see us today!

Race supplies

Order your start and finish line banners today! Remember to order your coroplast signs for your course markers and your feather flags.

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Frequently asked questions about bike plates

  1. How fast can I get bike race plates?
    If you have your artwork ready to go, for a “Same Day” service fee, we can print and ship within 24 hours of you approving your proof. Standard service is 3 business days from your approval of your proof.
  2. Are the bike plates re-usable?
    Yes, Since they are made from a plastic-like material, you can re-use them for your next race
  3. How do I design my own bike plate?
    There are over 30 free online software’s available to design bike plates. Color Right Now recommends Canva.


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