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Banner Stands

Color Right Now offers professionally printed banner stands.

Banner stands are versatile and portable display units that are designed to showcase graphics, logos, and messages in an effective and eye-catching way. They are often used for marketing and advertising purposes at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and other events.

They come in various sizes, styles, and designs. The most popular types of banner stands include retractable banner stands, X-banner stands, L-banner stands, pole banner stands, and tabletop banner stands. Each type of banner stand has its own unique features and benefits, depending on the needs of the user.

One of the key benefits of banner stands is their portability. They are lightweight and easy to transport, which makes them an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that need to showcase their products or services at multiple events. They can be easily set up and taken down in minutes, and they do not require any special tools or equipment.

Another benefit of banner stands is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of settings, including indoor and outdoor events, and can be customized to suit the specific needs of the user. Banner stands can be designed with different materials, sizes, and shapes, and can be printed with high-quality graphics and images.

Banner stands are also cost-effective. They are generally less expensive than other types of display units, such as custom-built exhibits or trade show booths. This makes them an ideal solution for small businesses or organizations with limited budgets.

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, banner stands are also reusable. They can be used again and again at different events, which makes them a more sustainable option than other types of displays that are used only once.

Another benefit of banner stands is their ability to attract attention. They are designed to be visually appealing and eye-catching, which makes them an effective marketing tool. They can be used to showcase products, services, or promotional offers, and can be used to generate leads and sales.

Banner stands are also easy to update. The graphics and messages on a banner stand can be easily changed to reflect new products or services, or to promote special offers or events. This makes them a flexible marketing tool that can be adapted to meet changing business needs.

Finally, banner stands are easy to store. They can be collapsed or disassembled and stored in a compact and convenient manner, which makes them ideal for businesses or organizations with limited storage space.

In summary, banner stands are versatile, portable, cost-effective, reusable, attention-grabbing, and easy to update and store. They are an effective marketing tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes, and can help to generate leads, sales, and brand awareness at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and other events.

Quick and easy set up Banner Stands

When easy setup and carrying are important, pop-up banner stands are the perfect solution for your event, trade show or other visual communication needs. Our high-quality pop-up banners take only a few seconds to set up and they’ll quickly draw people over to your booth. That’s why Color Right Now is here. Our great, big graphics are exactly what you need to make any event or trade show a success for your company. We’ll help you create stunning custom banners with the right stands to give you a competitive edge.

Retractable banners are essentially banners that can stand on their own. The base, or the stand, allows for the banner to roll up inside of it using a spring-like mechanism. This makes it easy to roll up and back down into the base when you’re done showing it off. Each banner stand will come with a pole set that will help to support the banner in place. The poles are located behind the banner so that it will not create a distracting effect but also keep your banner straight and sharp all day.


Value Banner Stand Base with Vinyl Banner $220

The dtec budget-friendly retractable banner stand is retractable with an aluminum base in silver that is portable with a canvas tote bag, so your banner can go wherever you do.
Graphic Visual Area: 33.5″ x78″

Premium Banner Stand Base with Vinyl Banner $325

The Orient 800 is a simplistic and elegantly designed retractable banner stand. It is finished in anodized silver with heavy duty molded end caps. Hybrid bungee/telescoping pole with toolless quick rail. Variable graphic height between 60.5″ and 83.25″. Padded carry bag is included.
Graphic Visual Area: 31.5″ w x 60″ up to 83.25″ h

Replacement vinyl banner for your existing banner stand $140

Do you already have a banner stand that you have used previously and you just need to update your graphic? If your existing banner stand is in great condition, this is a money saving option for you. Bring in your existing banner stand for us to inspect, if it passes our quality check, we can do this for you.

We design

Do you need a banner stand but do not have a design? Color Right Now has you covered, check out our graphic design services! We have been proudly designing for schools, businesses, and organizations with printing for over 25 years.

You can design your own banner stand

Check out our HOW TO page to learn which free software’s we recommend to create your own digital print file for your project.

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Need rush printing? All rush printing orders can be accommodated, extra fees will apply. We also print Calgary tradeshow signs, banners, feather flags and much more, Check out our store. Calgary printing services becomes easy when you partner with Color Right Now as we are one of the top printing companies Calgary and beyond!

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Frequently asked questions about banner stands

  1. What information should go on a banner?
    * Large, easy to read text. This also means taking font into consideration.
    * A single, focused message.
    * A relevant image.
    * Color psychology.
    * Smart background choices.
    * No more than five lines of text.
    * A well balanced layout.
  2. Can I use my retractable banner stand outdoors?
    We do not recommend to use any retractable banner stand for outdoor use as the wind can easily bow them over.
  3. How do I set up my stand-up banner?
    Step 1: CASE: Open your carrying case and remove the the cassette and pole.
    Step 2: CASSETTE: Set your cassette on the ground.
    Step 3: POLE: Connect the pole pieces and then insert into the hole in the cassette.
    Step 4: BANNER: Using both hands, pull the top of the banner from the cassette and attach it to the top of the pole.
  4. How do I design my own banner stand?
    There are over 30 free online softwares available to design business cards. Color Right Now recommends Canva. We will guide you how to design your own banner stand.
  5. What other products work well with a standing banner?
    If you’re building out your booth for a trade show or expo, consider matching tablecloths, vinyl banners, foam board signs, brochures, sell sheets, and business cards.

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