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Amp-Up The Cravings With Custom Printed Menus

Menus that salivate your patrons taste buds... why not get them something good to look at?

Menus printed in Calgary

Why use synthetic menu's

Printing menus on synthetic paper can offer several advantages compared to traditional paper options. Here are some reasons why it can be a good idea:


Synthetic paper is designed to be highly durable and resistant to tearing, moisture, stains, and fading. This makes it well-suited for menus that are frequently handled, exposed to spills, or used in outdoor or high-traffic environments. Synthetic paper can withstand rough handling and retain its quality over time, ensuring that your menus remain intact and visually appealing


Synthetic paper is typically waterproof or water-resistant, which means it won’t get damaged or warped when exposed to liquid spills. This is especially beneficial for menus in restaurants, cafes, or bars where spills are common. Unlike regular paper, synthetic paper won’t absorb moisture, preserving the menu’s appearance and readability.


Traditional paper menus are subject to wear and tear, particularly if they are used frequently or handled by many people. Synthetic paper has a longer lifespan, allowing menus to endure heavy use without deteriorating. This can save costs associated with frequent menu reprinting and replacement.

Enhanced Appearance:

Synthetic paper often has a smooth and glossy finish, giving menus a professional and premium look. It provides vibrant color reproduction, sharp text, and high-resolution images, making the menu visually appealing to customers. The high-quality appearance can enhance the overall dining experience and reflect positively on the establishment.


Synthetic paper is often recyclable, reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional paper. Some synthetic papers are made from recyclable materials or are biodegradable, offering a more sustainable alternative. By opting for synthetic paper menus, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Synthetic paper is available in various thicknesses, sizes, and finishes, allowing for customization based on specific menu requirements. It can be easily folded, creased, or die-cut to create unique menu designs, inserts, or covers. Additionally, synthetic paper can be printed using different printing techniques, including offset, digital, or screen printing, ensuring flexibility in design and branding.


It’s important to note that while synthetic paper offers numerous benefits, it may have higher upfront costs compared to regular paper. However, considering the durability, longevity, and enhanced presentation, the long-term advantages of synthetic paper menus can outweigh the initial investment.

What Are Some Common Types of Resteraunt Menus?

Restaurant Menus:

Increase your sales with our full color menu. Your main menu should be captivating with intriguing visuals and color. The size depends on your style and menu options. Whether your menu is a single sheet, booklet, pages inserts for an existing book cover, folded or anything else, we will print your menus that look right for your business.

Bar Menus:

They are different menus from the main menus with limited selection geared to drive sales in a pub atmosphere. They are usually one sheet printed full color and are often laminated. The size depends on your style and menu options. A common size is 11″ x 14″ but can be any size that works for your establishment.


Happy Hour Menus:

Attract customers at times that will normally not be so busy. They are a tool that helps to keep restaurants and bars busy at any time of the day. Popular styles for happy hour menus are table tents, insert sheets for your existing mini table stands, or flat sheets.

Desert Menus

Upsell your customers with a desert! Simple menus typically are single flat sheets if your restaurant offers a limited desert menu. Some restaurants have extensive coil books for their desert menu.

Drink Menus: 

Pubs, taverns and bars have these ready for when you walk in. Whether its a small drink menu on a single sheet or an extensive menu in a saddle-stitch book or coil book, drink menus are essential for your patrons. We can create and produce them for you in short notice!

Disposable Menus:

Looks like things are changing these days. The restaurant menu is something that might be a little different through COVID-19 times. Our disposable menus are very economical, printed on 70 LB opaque paper with black ink which makes it a very affordable option.

QR Code Menus:

Build a contactless menu for your restaurant. Make your restaurant a safe place to eat by deploying a touchless menu QR Code. Table tents, Table Top Inserts and Table Top Stickers are three popular solutions that many restaurants use, get your today from Color Right Now!


What if I'm not a restaraunt, but I need a menu?

We can help! Its particularity common in the beauty industry. Spas, salons, clinics, and other aesthetics shops commonly hand these out to new clients to list their services.

Other businesses can have a need for menus as well. Whether your a garage, hotel, or even a cleaning service, having a dedicated price list can help win new customers, and facilitate faster sales with existing clients.

Ultimately, if you’re providing a product or service, you can do very well providing a menu. 

Menus printed in Calgary

At Color Right Now, we offer high-quality menu printing in Calgary. We know how important its corporate image is for a restaurant; that is why we make sure that our clients can provide their users with the best visual experience, starting with their menu. Since we want our customers to have printing products that truly represent them, we make sure all our menus look sharp and premium while offering a wide variety of materials so you can make your menu unique.

Color right Now’s priority will always be to provide a convenient service to you. That is why we focus on the durability of the finished product. Furthermore, we look at the ease of changing or updating the menu when necessary, thus providing prompt solutions to all customers. With our digital printing technology, we facilitate processes, allowing changes in images, prices, or dishes without making a large investment in money or time.

Options for menus

Plastic Menus

In most cases, a menu is handled by hundreds of people, from the waiters to the customers to the bus staff. These types of products are exposed to get dirty easily since they are close to food and drinks, making them likely to get wet or dirty constantly. Thus, depending on the needs of your business, we can print menus in water and grease resistant materials which are also washable. The material comes in two thicknesses, a 10 Mil and a stiff 14 Mill plastic sheet which is virtually indestructible!

Laminated Menus

Our menus are printed on thick 80lb Cover Stock & laminated with 5mil or 7mil gloss lamination for a quality feel! Your full color menus are sure to impress your restaurant clients. With encapsulating lamination there is a small border of lamination making these menus more durable and very easy to wipe clean. If you require clean cut, borderless, less durable un-encapsulated menus, we offer this as well.

Paper Menus

We offer many different paper stock choices for paper menus from cardstock to high quality paper to economical paper for disposable menus.

UV Coating

Offers protection to your plastic menus to make them cloth wipe washable and protect your menus to help make them last a very long time. The coatings are available in a high gloss as well as matte.


How much do menus cost?

Every menu is custom therefore every price is different. Prices depend on how many you need and the size you need. Upload your file and request an estimate today.

We design menus

You don’t have a menu designed? Color Right Now has you covered, check out our graphic design services! We have been proudly designing and printing for businesses and organizations for over 25 years

You can design your menus

Our how-to page is loaded with many tutorials on how to design your own files for printing. Once you have your file print ready, use this file upload page and get your project started!

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