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Finding out where, when, and how you’re needed.

Web, mail, and targeted marketing with Color Right Now.

Direct mailing is the process of getting physical promotional mail to a viable client base. We’ll print the materials for your mailing campaign, but the services we provide for direct mailing go much further than that:

Want to know your audience?

Color Right Now has professional marketing personnel to help you refine and analyze your business’s best audience. By studying your locale, features, range and the needs of valid clientele, we’ll hone in on those that would want your services the most.

You can even fine-tune your choices with mailing options like apartments, condos, census income and age, and size of family.

Have your advertising printed and mailed through one supplier.

Naturally, Color Right Now can easily print any piece of mail marketing you need and put the shipments together. We are Canada Post Certifiedmeaning everything is in order for us to do the mailing for you as well!

How effective is direct mail marketing?

Direct mailing is still going strong, even in the digital age. In fact, many statistics show that the personal and accessible nature of direct mailing often leaves far better impressions on clients:

  • The response rate to direct mailing is on average five to nine times higher than digital marketing due to being seen as more trustworthy.
  • Studies conducted by UK Royal Mail found that 60% of recipients find brands easier to recall with direct mail than with digital advertising.
  • 80 – 90% of direct mail gets opened and at least scanned on average, while only 20-30% of email marketing is viewed.

Digital Marketing

Website Design and Upgrading

It’s safe to say that currently, there is not an easier and more convenient way to learn about a business than a personal website. 82% of Canadians actively use the internet daily. If your website is outdated and needs an overhaul, or you’ve been meaning to get around to finally establishing an online presence, we’ll set up a professional website for you. During the process, we will take direct input from you to make sure you’re satisfied with your online image.

Lead Generation

It’s not easy to find the right people to market to, and it requires persistence that a lot of business owners simply don’t have the time for.  Trying to market to disinterested individuals might sour opinions of your business, and that’s why Color Right Now uses all of its resources to make sure your brand gets to the right people.

Email Marketing

A grand majority of the population check their email everyday. Consumers on average are on fourteen mailing lists on their personal accounts. SaleCycle states that 59% of respondents in a survey say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions. Color Right Now covers the bases for email marketing by sending out trustworthy emails to lists that will find the material relevant to their interests.

Social Media Marketing

In the marketing world, social media is one of the most rapidly changing and endlessly shifting methods out there. Standards change, conventions change, and people’s opinions change just as much. Though such a volatile method for marketing, even the largest businesses make certain their social media presence is constant and accessible. Color Right Now will help keep your social media running smoothly and let you know all of your options to boost your reach.

Search Engine Engagement

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky process. There are countless ways, both well-known and hidden, to improve your visibility to a search engine’s index. Beyond a trustworthy, ethical and consistent web presence, there are technical factors and standards beneath the surface that our marketing professionals research and keep up-to-date on. It may be a long road to be number one in Google’s index, but we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

Targeted Marketing

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Although marketing to a consumer is typically based on factors such as immediate convenience, brand popularity and status, businesses tend to have more fine-tuned criteria in mind. Business-to-Business marketing (B2B) is a focus on how your product can eventually increase their profit and generate returns on their investment. Competing to be a business’ go-to venue for particular needs is a difficult craft!

Consumer sales fluctuate based on trends, but trust and loyalty between businesses can provide a more dependable profit. Our approach to B2B marketing is to figure out exactly what your targets value the most when they look to make a purchase, and the reasons why your products excel at saving and making money. It just takes you pointing us in the direction of your ideal clients, and we’ll dig deep into the research.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

A consumer may have quality in mind when seeking out a product or service, but while meeting their product standards comes easily enough, that’s not what will separate a business from the dozens of other competitors in town. That’s where Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing makes all the difference.  

B2C marketing is based less on the profitable features of your product and more on the value in its emotional factors. Who does your brand speak to in particular? What’s a promise that you can make that competitors can’t? Does your business cater to those that want to be seen with a high status, or does it aim to be there for earnest and average folk? Do you want to keep your business’s identity homey and localized, or are your eyes set on becoming a far-reaching recognizable brand?

We make sure to pay attention to those factors beneath the surface that influence a purchase decision and how your brand can be able to separate from the competitors that don’t go beyond the standard.

Branding and Graphic Design

Graphic Design

If you don’t have anything to work with regarding branding, there’s no need to worry! CRN creates and arranges graphics just as much as we print them, and with your input taking priority in our work, we’ll be certain to reach the image you’re looking for. We are open to offer consulting throughout the designing process, we can provide multiple directions to proceed, and it’s all finalized with your approval.

We don’t just start from scratch, either. If you’re still attached to the branding you’ve had since inception, we’ll proceed with modernization without losing the original flair.

Brand Integrity

One of the most important aspects of a brand is that brand’s coherence. Even pricing and convenience can play secondary factors to a dependable image. This is found in the constant presence of branding, the voice that a company presents, the relationship kept with customers, and the consistency kept when maintaining those elements.

That consistency is a huge focus for us. How you treat your own brand is a major part of customer opinion, and it’s what can keep your business from stagnation. Any inexperienced startup can throw together a default practice, but so few actively engage in keeping true to a personal image. We monitor public opinion, view where your competitors succeed and where they need improvement, and ensure you stick to the desired impression you set out for your company.

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