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Lamination Services in Calgary

A smooth, professional, and durable way to protect your documents, or high-grade your product.

Say goodbye to flimsy printing.

Tired of flimsy business cards? Want some menus that don’t shrivel and tear from the slightest moisture? Need a sign or poster that will last more than just one season?

Laminating is the solution to all the problems listed above. Lamination is a clear layer of durable plastic that is pressed onto print media (cards, menus, signs, etc.), giving the final product a thicker feel, and an extra layer of protection. This in turn gives you a higher-quality and more durable product compared to a non-laminated product.

What are the benefits of laminating?


Print media with laminating will have a thicker, smoother, and overall higher quality feel to it. Leagues ahead of just standard printing with no overlaminate.


Lamination acts as another layer of protection. It protects from dirt, water, and sunlight, and other harmful elements that can damage your printing.


Print media protected with lamination will maintain a higher condition for a longer period of time. Signs, posters, menus, and other items will look newer, for longer.

What are my options?

Color Right Now has four basic laminate options to choose from:

 – Matte Laminate: a thick laminate with a dull, unpolished finish. Ideal for preventing reflection/glare from the sun.

 – Gloss Laminate: a thick laminate with a shiny and reflective appearance, commonly used on magazines.

 – Soft Touch Laminate: a somewhat thinner, but still highly durable laminate with a velvet finish. Literally soft-to-the-touch, and ideal for business cards, or other smaller print media.

 – Dry-Erase Laminate: have us laminate your product with dry erase, and you’ll effectively turn in into a whiteboard. Draw all over it with a marker, and wipe it off just as easily.

The choice of lamination depends on the material you want to protect and it’s always consulted with our clients before making a decision. We guarantee that whichever method you choose, your materials will be thoroughly protected.

So don’t hesitate and order lamination now so that you can enjoy your printed materials for a long time to come.

Prices vary based on size. To receive an accurate price of your tent cards, use our Request an Estimate page.

Color Right Now is among the highest recommended printing companies in Calgary, call us today to discuss your next project.

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