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How to Design Business Cards with Vistaprint

Learn How to Design Business Cards with Vistaprint (website program “Vistacreate”) and Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions. Start making your cards today!

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  1. Start your template:

    There are many templates to choose from, the basic business card standard template is the template you will look for,

    – Go to the area that says “Design your story for”
    – Click on “Show more”
    – A new tab will popup, scroll down to the title called Marketing
    – There will be a “Business Card Standard” select it!

    There they will open a new window to their creative side.

  2. Adding text:

    So to make basic business on Vistacreate site, the tool you would need is the text tool (located on the left-hand sidebar).

    When you click on that button, more options show up. Like the “ADD TEXT” Button.
    Then you can start typing text and changing it by the options on the top window bar. So change it the way you want your business card to look.

  3. Check your spacing:

    Vistacreate has a guideline that will show up when you are moving text/design elements. Also when you open up a new template there will be a red frame around the artboard, that will help with spacing.

    Note: you do not want any type too close to the edge, it will get cut off when it comes to print. So use the helpful guidelines.

  4. Save your project and download

    So the great thing about Vistacreate is that you can save your file as a PDF. So here is how:

    – Click on the “Download” button at the top of the window
    – Select “PDF Print”
    – Then click the “Download” Button

That is how to design business cards with Vista Print.

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

When you have your design ready to print, your next step is to decide what kind of business cards suits your needs. 

We are a Calgary printer that prints high quality business cards such as…
Standard Business Cards
Laminated Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Raised Spot Business Cards
Foil Accent Business Cards

Get started now by sending your file to us!


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