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How to Design Business Cards with Visme

How to Design Business Cards with Visme

Learn How to Design Business Cards with Visme and Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions. Start making your cards today!

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Visme get started:

  1. Start your template:

    Once you sign in go to the left toolbar and there is a tab that says “projects”.

    – Click the tab, and then on the main screen, there will be a “create new project” button.
    – Click on Printables

  2. Select your template:

    – Once click on Printables, and scroll until you find “Business Cards”.
    – Click on the box that says “Blank Temple”.
    – Click and open the edit button.

  3. Where the type going to go:

    To add text, click on the button called Basics.

    There is an option to add a header and subtext to your business card.
    Click on the “Header and text” Button. That’s where there are many different styles of text.

    But to keep it simple!

    Just use “Add a title” or “add a short body of text”. When you click on it, a text box will appear.

    Double-click on the text box, and you can change the text. Also at the top, a toolbar will appear with many different options to change the font. Such as size, font style, color, etc.

  4. Take a look at the spacing:

    Check the spacing, some guides will appear (blue lines) when moving the text boxes.
    – Keep your type away from the edge

  5. It’s time to save:

    At the top right toolbar, there is a “download” button. There are options to save the file.

    The best way is to save the file as a PDF. In order to save a PDF File, it will cost a monthly charge. Prices are linked on the site.


Easy and free (for 30 days), that is how to design business cards using Visme

Signing up to the Visme site will let you use the basic design package for free. Saving your design will cost a monthly charge.

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page


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