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How to Design Business Cards with Krita

Learn How to Design Business Cards with Krita and Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions.

Krita is a free download design software which allows you to create and design your personalized business cards and other print media for print.

Download Krita here and install on your computer.

How to Design Business Cards with Krita

  1. Create your template:

    Open the Krita, go to File, Create a new document, then fill in:

    – Width 3.50 inches
    – Height 2.00 inches
    – Resolution 300 pixels/inch
    – Model CMYK
    – Depth 16-bit

    Then click the “Create” button

    How to Design Business Cards with Krita 2

  2. Use the text tool:

    Click on the text button (left-hand corner), and drag your cursor on the artboard to start your text. A window will pop-up that where you type the text you want on the card, and there are options on the window for changing your type style.

    Note: All the changes you make will not show on the artboard until you click the save button.

    To move your text around the artboard. You got the use the arrow button (lefthand corner), double-clicking will not work.

  3. Rules for the Ruler:

    This program has guidelines and rulers, so you can make sure the spacing on your design will not get cut off.

    To get the ruler, go to:

    – View
    – Click on, Show Rulers

    Then to use guidelines, there will be rulers (top and side), click on them and drag them out. Measure the edge to get the best spacing for your design.

  4. Save your design:

    It is best to save as a PDF but Krita does not give you that option. So select a PNG File instead.

Easy and free, that is how to design business cards using Krita

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

When you have your design ready to print, your next step is to decide what kind of business cards suits your needs. 

We are a Calgary printer that prints high quality business cards such as…
Standard Business Cards
Laminated Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Raised Spot Business Cards
Foil Accent Business Cards

Get started now by sending your file to us!


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