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How to Design Business Cards with Gravit Designer

How to Design Business Cards with Gravit

With Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions, you can learn how to design business cards with Gravit Designer, another free online app that is simple to use.

From the Microsoft Windows App site download Gravit Designer


Getting started!


  1. Steps to get your business card template started:

    Once you open the App, go to file “New Design”. Note: A window with pop up, that will show a “Print Paper Size” drop menu. There will be a business Selection. Please DO NOT use that business card template. It is a European size. Instead, type at the top of the window 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Then create!

  2. Get to know the tools:

    There are many tools on the top window. But for now, we will start with the basics:

    – Fill All, is a tool to zoom into your artboard
    – Pointer Tool is to Select your text or images
    – Text Tool is for all your types styles and designs

    These will be the only tools you need to make a basic business card. Also please note, if you want a review on the tools, just hover the pointer on the tools you want to learn, and there will be a video that will appear

  3. Start designing your business card

    Start with the “Pen Tool”, and type out all the company information you want on it. Once finish typing then you can play with the Size, Style, Alignment, Color, Etc.

    All These tool options will show up on the Right of the window.

  4. Mind your spacing

    When you’re done with the type and style. Check the spacing of the business card. Some guides will show up when you drag your text box. These guides will help you with spacing. The best spacing is in leaving 0.125 inches around your business card. It helps with cutting the card when printing.

  5. How to Save the day or your design file!

    A most print shops that you get your business cards printed at will ask for a PDF File.
    Here is where to save a PDF file on Gravit Designer.

    1. File (Top Left Corner)
    2. Export
    3. PDF Document (pdf.)
    4. 150 dpi

    Then save it to your computer!

Easy and free, that is how to design business cards using Gravit

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page


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