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How To Design Business Cards using Inkscape

How To Design Business Cards using Inkscape with Color Right Now’s easy, step by step tips!. Have an idea for an eye-catching business card, but not sure how to create it? Inkscape is an easy and free software solution without having to sign up.

Inkscape is ideal for users without access to more mainstream design software’s, or with minimal training in creative design. Because it’s free to use, built with a simple interface, Inkscape is a great option for building your cards.

With this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to build a basic business card using Inkscape.

  1. Download and install Inkscape’s free software

    Go to Inkscape website then download and install your OS version
    GNU / Linux, Windows, macOS or Source Archive

  2. Open Inkscape

    On Quick Setup select everything as default, then go to the “Time to Draw” drop-down menu. On the left tab “Print”, once you select print there will be so many templates. There will be 2 business cards US selection (Landscape and Portrait). Select one of them.

  3. Typeset your cards

    On the window, on the left toolbar the will be a text tool. Once you click the button, the option for your text will show up on a toolbar at the top of the window. To add text double click on the artboard, then you can start typing, change the type high type, Then play with your options. there are many option (Style/Size/Alignment/Spacing/Color).

    Be mindful of any of the design elements being too close to the edge. When it comes to getting printed and cut you need to watch your spacing. There is a guideline, but they will not show up. How to get guidelines is to click and hold on the rule (both are on the top and bottom) of the window and drag out, a line will show up, then you can place it where you need spacing. If you are not sure if you placed them right, they are easy to move anywhere, just click on them and hold.

    Inkscape-typeset your cards

  4. Save your project

    Click … file, save as, then select PDF. Then a window will pop up, these are the setting you need:
    PDF Version: PDF 1.5
    Text output options: Embed fonts
    Rasterize filter effects: OFF
    DPI: 300
    Output page size: Use exported object’s size: 3.2 mm
    then ok! So these are the steps to designing a basic business card


Easy and free, that is how to design business cards using Inkscape

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page


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