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How To Design A Trifold Brochure With Canva

Canva (Free for 30 days)

Go to: Signing up to the Canva site before designing the Trifold Brochure will help you save your design when you are finished. It is a 30-day trial.

So once you sign in to Canva, go to the “Print Product” drop-down menu, and click on the “Brochure” image button (middle of the screen) to start.

  1. Let us pick a template:

    You can make a brochure from a blank artboard, or you can select from many templates that Canva provides and then edit details from there. Select one, then the magic can happen. Also when you select one of the templates, there is a cool opinion in changing the color style.

  2. Edit that template:

    Canva makes it easy to edit the templates. You can use the “Elements” Button. Add, delete, or enhance your template by using this button. There are lots of choices when it comes to this button. like:

    – Lines and Shapes
    – Graphics
    – Stickers
    – Photos
    – Video and Audio (you would not need it for a brochure design)
    – Charts
    – Tables
    – Frames
    – Grids
    – Collections

    Another button to use is “Text”. Which will edit your type. And help add different types of styles to the design.

  3. Make sure the setup is right:

    So when setting up a brochure, you would need to know where to place your information, when it comes to folding. ask yourself “Is it in the right place?” . Here is an example of what a trifold setup would be.

  4. Setting it up on Canva:

    You can grab all design/information elements and drag them to the place you them to be placed, and just follow the sample, for help.

  5. Saving your design:

    If you are happy with how your brochure looks. It’s time to save it!

    By going to the top right corner. Click the “Share” button, it will give you a scroll-down menu with different save options. The best option is file type: PDF Print, crop marks and bleed, flatten PDF, and CMYK. After downloading, save it to your computer. Then you’re done!

    If you save it as a PDF, it will help when you go to a printing center to produce it.


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