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How To Design A Racing Bib with Lunacy

With Color Right Now’s easy step by step instructions, you can learn how to design your racing bibs with Lunacy, another free online app that is simple to use.

From the Microsoft Windows App site download LUNACY

how to design a racing bib with lunacy

  1. Let’s get the Racing Bib template setup:

    So to get your artboard on Lunacy, go to the artboard logo, and click/drag the mouse in the main area. Then click the artboard in the Right-hand corner and type in W: 888px (9.25inches) and H: 600px (6.25). The standard bib size is 6 inches by 9 inches, plus 0.125 inches around for cut space.

    This is how you start your artboard design on.

  2. Racing to design:

    There are many different elements you can use on your racing bibs. The four main design tools are on the left-hand sidebar.

    – Styles
    – Icon
    – Photos
    – Illustrations

    They all give you design elements to add to your racing bib. For this example, I used photos and Icons. There is a search bar for each one. I searched “Racing” and a bunch of running photo’s popped up. So you can play with all these design tools. Just remember to keep the edges and the middle free from important information for your design.

  3. Look and remember spacing:

    Here is a sample of the type spacing you need for a racing bib design. Look at the red line and the red circles.

    I made this temple by using the guild lines, and the circle button. But for you, you don’t need this temple. This is to show you where the bib is going to be cut. so any important information will not be cut off. the measurements are 0.125 inches around and the circle is 0.25 inches.

  4. It’s all about the numbers and names (Part 1):

    So need variable data for the bibs, if you send this to a printing store, they will ask you for an excel sheet. And if you have Mircosoft Excel, use it. For this “How To” we will be using Google Sheets. So let’s get started.

    – Open Google, go to the top right corner (Icon of 9 circles),
    – Click on it, and open Sheets.
    – Open a blank template.

  5. It’s all about the numbers and names (Part 2):

    Then in column 1 (A, B, and C) type the title of the bibs. They are usually “Number/ First Name/ Last Name”.

    Then at the bottom, type in the number assigned to the racer, and the racers name going down the column. then once you have all the information you need, now it’s time to save it.

    This is how you save, the share button at the top right corner.

  6. To save a softcopy:

    So one thing to know is to save two different files,

    Without type in the middle, and one with any type in the middle.

    The reason for this is, so you can give the printing store both copies and they will see what the bib will look like. and then the one with the numbers is a working file to get printed. see the example below.

Easy and free, that is how to design racing bibs using Lunacy

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

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