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How To Design a #10 Envelope With Inkscape

Go to: This site will let you download the whole program, no signing up.

There are steps to downloading the program before you can start designing your #10 Envelopes.

On the home page the is a download drop menu, click on the “Current Version”. select what type of system you are using (Apple/Windows) then select 64-bit and then exe. A downloading file should show up in the bottom left of the window (Inkscape-1.2.1_202.exe). Open the file. Set up the download to your computer. Once Inkscape is downloaded, then start a new design.

  1. Getting the right size:

    Once you open the program, there are templates and they will have the proper sizes.
    So to get started, a window will pop up!

    Go to “Print” and scroll down, to “US #10 Envelopes”. Select it!

  2. Think it, Design it:

    For most envelopes, just have text in the top left-hand corner. So where you can find the text tool on the left sidebar, once you click on it, and start typing, there will be a variety of ways to change your typing style.

    So start designing!

  3. Logos are taking over the mailer world:

    You could design a logo, or import your logo you design from another software on Inkscape. For example, I used the Text Tool and Square tool.

    As far as importing your logo, go to the:
    – File, Import, then select your file from your computer and import

  4. There is always time for space:

    Also when you design your envelopes, keep in mind that you do not want to put your logo, and address information too close to the edge. A safe space is 0.25 inches away from the edge. In Inkscape, there are guides you can use to help you with spacing. How you get these guidelines, is by clicking on the rulers on the edge of the artboard and dragging them out. Then moving the design.

    Also here is a helpful link to the standard Canada post mailer:

  5. How to save a design:

    How to save your file is by going: File, Export. Then a window will pop up, select PDF File, and then save to your computer.

    I hope this “How to Blog”, helped you in making an envelope design.


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