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How Design A Saddle-Stitch Booklet With Visme

Go to Visme and sign up for the free basic design package. Saving your design will cost a monthly charge.

Let’s start this booklet:

  1. Choose a Template:

    Once you sign in go to the left toolbar and there is a tab that says “projects”. Click the tab, and then on the main screen, there will be a search bar, you can search booklets, and use one of their design templates. Or start with a whole new design.

  2. Edit the design:

    So in Visme, there are a lot of design editing options, plus a template you can select as well. I use any of their design elements which are located on the lefthand toolbar.

    Layout (Lets you pick another template)
    Basics (This is where you can find, the style of type and design for type)
    Graphics ( Clipart, lines and shapes, illustrations)
    Photos (Stock photos that are royalty free)
    Data (If you need to add data, there is an all different type of graphics, with spend sheets)
    Media (add your videos, this is not for booklets)
    Theme Colors (this help with color complementing each other)
    My Files (Add your files)
    Apps (help save your file to another app)

    All these design elements are very helpful, but for this “how-to guide,” we are going to be using the basics, and editing some of the text. Once you are done playing with the design. The most important part is the set up of the booklet.

  3. Laying out the pages:

    To make a booklet, the order of the pages needs to be set up. For this sample, I am going to be setting up a saddle-stitch booklet (Read about imposition). See the example below:

  4. Laying out the pages: Continue

    So you want to move your pages in the right order. In Visme there are pages shown on the Righthand menu, click on them and drag in the order on the sample I am showing.

  5. Save your file:

    There is a “Download Button” on the top right corner, click it there some options will pop up, select Document (PDF), PDF with Bleeds Marks, All Pages, then click download. Please note if you buy the premium, or use the trial you can save the file.

    This is how you design a saddle-stitch booklet on Visme!

Easy and free, that is how to design a saddle-stitched booklet using Visme

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

When you have your design ready to print, your next step is to decide what kind of business cards suits your needs. 

Get started now by sending your file to us!


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