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Custom Handbooks, Printed and Bound

Proven to increase confidence and efficiency of workers.

The ultimate reference tool

Handbooks, also known as pocket books, are reference materials used to provide the reader with important information related to their field. They can be used in a variety of different industries and settings, ranging from corporate environments, to field work, and even educational settings.

Employee handbooks typically provide workers with legal information and expectations in regards to their position. Meanwhile, student handbooks provide campus information and important resources regarding their majors. Not to mention, health and safety handbooks are essentially mandatory in most major industries.

No matter the industry, get your handbooks done right with Color Right Now.


  • Reference Handbooks
  • Instruction Handbooks
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Student Handbooks
  • Corporate Policies and Regulations Handbooks
  • Company Benefits Handbooks
  • Health and Safety Handbooks
  • ERP Handbooks
  • Glovebox Handbooks
  • Orientation Handbooks
  • Drivers Handbooks


The most popular type of handbook is a folded and stitched (Saddle-stitched) booklet. You can customize your handbook to be full color for the covers and the inside pages or go to a budget friendly option for black ink throughout. The paper stock can be either a coated or uncoated stock but is you need to write on the pages, we recommend an uncoated stock. pages must be in multiples of 4 and the handbooks can be up to a maximum of 52 pages including covers.

Stop in to our easily accessible Calgary beltline location to drop off your order, meet with our graphic artists, make changes or pick up your finished handbooks. For added convenience, we offer delivery services in the surrounding areas and we also offer shipping throughout Canada.

Printing in Calgary is easy when you partner with Color Right Now. When printing handbooks, Color Right Now is the first choice for many businesses . Come see us today!

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