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X ULTRA 50km

X ULTRA 50km

X ULTRA 50km is back up and running and Color Right Now is running along with you as a key supplier of racing bibs, banners, signs, flags, tear drop flags, course markers & backdrops for many Alberta marathons.

After an epic inaugural event followed by a forced two year hiatus, the most talked about Alberta Ultra Marathon is back.

Canadian Badlands running has been called otherworldly. Surrounded by remarkable rock formations and fossil beds, it is enough to transport you to another time, one which we have only ever dreamed of.

These private sections of land are in areas that are rich in fossil deposits, sensitive vegetation, and incredibly unique natural rock formations. While we are thrilled and grateful beyond belief to be given exclusive access to such unique and sacred lands, we also understand that it is our shared responsibility to protect and preserve this area and its natural assets. In order to achieve this we all must follow Local, Provincial, & Federal laws.

With your help and cooperation, we can all enjoy this incredible and unique annual opportunity to celebrate the Canadian Badlands for years to come.



for the X ULTRA 50km by X Warrior

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The event is finished.


Sep 16 2023


Drumheller, AB
Drumheller, AB
X Warrior Challenge


X Warrior Challenge