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Triathlon Of Compassion

Triathlon of Compassion

Triathlon of Compassion

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Join us on June 23 for the 31st edition of the Tri of Compassion at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. There is a popular sprint triathlon for participants 16 and over and a full range of Kids of Steel distances for participants age 6-15.

The Triathlon of Compassion is part of the Greater Victoria Youth Triathlon Series along with the HPR Youth Triathlon West Shore and the Victoria Youth Triathlon. There are awards for everyone who completes all three races in the series.


Transition opens at 6:30 am.  The swim starts at 7:30am.

Athletes will enter the pool on 15 second intervals. Each swimmer will complete the required number of laps for their age group by swimming up and down on the left side of the lane and crossing under the lane divider after each lap.

Event parking is at the Esquimalt Sport Centre across the playing fields from the pool.  Bikes must be racked a minimum of 30 minutes before your start time.  Body marking will take place on the pool entrance prior to your swim.

All bikes and personal articles must be removed from the transition area by 30 minutes after the last finisher crosses the finish line.


An awards ceremony will take place at the venue following the event. Medals to top 3 places in each adult age group and ribbons for the top 5 places in each youth age group will be awarded. Award winners must be present to collect their awards. There will be no mail out of awards following the event.


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