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Titan Ops Boneyard

Titan Ops Boneyard

Titan Ops Boneyard is back up and running and Color Right Now is running along with you as a key supplier of racing bibs, banners, signs, flags, tear drop flags, course markers & backdrops for many Alberta marathons.

Warriors are not born – they are made. Every step, stair, hoist, climb and push makes up the DNA of the Warrior, with only the devoted and strong-of-heart crossing the finish line. Titans are Warriors who have evolved to crave more. Crossing the finish line is no longer enough for these ferocious competitors. A carnal fire inside doesn’t ask them, but tells them to push the very limits of physicality and mental toughness. They are a breed of Warrior so refined and practiced that there can be no finish line – only an outer limit of possibility.

The Titan 6 Hour Challenge  was conceived to give these athletes an arena to find that outer limit – to see what can be achieved when they are set loose on a course to conquer the voice that whispers, “never stop.”


for the Titan Ops Boneyard 2022

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The event is finished.


Aug 21 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Peanut Lake, AB
X Warrior Challenge


X Warrior Challenge