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Sinister 7 Ultra Race

Sinister 7 Ultra -Crows Nest Pass

Welcome to the Sinister 7 Ultra in Crowsnest Pass. We are constantly reminded that the Sinister 7 Ultra course is truly magnificent. The race combines some of the best trails in the area with viewpoints and scenery that only a few people ever get to enjoy. With 6,321m of elevation gain across the 160km of rugged terrain that makes up the course, this race is not for the weak of heart. We cannot stress enough the fact that this race is incredibly difficult. Be prepared for one of the toughest experiences of your life. Both solo and relay runners alike will find this race challenging.

A race that may be the greatest challenge of your life. The 100-mile and 50-mile courses will take you through the most rugged, remote and beautiful terrain in Alberta’s stunning Rocky Mountains. With over 6,600m of elevation gain across the 100-mile course, this race will punish those who are not prepared.

Sinister 7 is open to solo runners or teams of up to seven and racers have 30 hours to complete the grueling event. The course is split into seven stages, each featuring a geographic and historic highlight of the area. The race’s name is inspired by the treacherous Seven Sisters Mountain that looms over much of the course.

We have three distance options in the 2022 race: the 100-mile, the 50-miler (half of leg 4, + legs 3 through 1), and the 50.1km (half of leg 4 + leg 2 and 1).

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Jul 13 - 14 2024


Crowsnest Pass, AB
Sinister Sports


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