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Hypothermic Half Marathon

Hypothermic Half Marathon – Calgary

The Hypothermic Half Marathon:

Running along the Bow River in January between the Crowchild Bridge and the Calgary Zoo is an exhilarating experience that combines the beauty of winter with the vibrant energy of outdoor activity. Picture a crisp, clear morning with the sun casting a soft glow on the snow-covered landscape, turning the entire scene into a winter wonderland.

As you set out on your race, the crunch of snow beneath your feet adds a rhythmic beat to your strides. The Bow River, partially frozen in places, reflects the winter sun like a glistening ribbon of ice. The air is brisk and invigorating, filling your lungs with the freshness that only a winter morning can provide.

The cityscape, with its iconic Crowchild Bridge in the background, stands out against the white backdrop, creating a picturesque view that is both serene and dynamic. The contrast of the bright blue sky against the pure white snow is a sight to behold, lifting your spirits and making every step a joy.

As you approach the Calgary Zoo, the promise of wildlife and the sounds of nature add to the overall charm of the run.


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Feb 24 2024


10 Am start
All Day


Calgary, AB