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FurEver Homes 5K Walk and Run

FurEver Homes 5K Walk and Run

FurEver Homes 5K Walk and Run

The Dog Gone Walk/Run is a 2.5km and 5km event in support the FurEver Homes Rescue. Raising these important funds with your help, allows FurEver Homes and Rescue to continue saving lives and helping dogs in need.

The dogs they are trying to save are CURRENTLY being held in HIGH KILL SHELTERS in L.A., these dogs are at risk of being euthanized. When there is a stated release/adoption date this means that after this date they can be legally killed by the shelter. These shelters are required to hold the dogs for a few days when they arrive but after that date they are not guaranteed to live. This is real life, We have attempted to save many and they were killed before we had a chance.

It is hard to imagine we know some of these dogs are young, healthy and for no good reason, are being  put down. This is what overpopulation looks like, and for many they will die due to ignorance of owners, incompetence of the shelters and for the lack of people knowing what is happening. These dogs are looking death right in the face, they wait in hot crowded, loud shelters with no beds, blanket or toys for someone to save them. But together we can walk or run and raise these important funds to save a dog’s life and give them a FUREVER HOME!

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Aug 20 2022


8:30 am - 11:30 am


Calgary, AB
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