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Calgary Police Half Marathon

Calgary Police Half Marathon

The Calgary Police Half Marathon is back up and racing and Color Right Now is racing along with you as a key supplier of racing bibs, bike plates, banners, signs, flags, tear drop flags, course markers & backdrops for Calgary races as well as races all over Canada.

We are excited to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Calgary Police Half Marathon!

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Sworn and civilian members of any emergency first response agency are invited to create a team for the First Responder Challenge! Multiple teams can be created within individual First Responder Agencies. For example, a team can be created within a particular work area of an Agency such as a District, Detachment, Fire Hall or Speciality Unit. The team with the most points will be awarded a $500 gift card for the Cuff and Billy! One point is awarded to each member of the team who completes their race.

Teams can also compete for the Constable Jason Bramham Spirit Award. Jason loved to run, hike and be physically active. He was known for always pushing himself to take on the highest mountains and the toughest terrain. Jason was an athlete and he excelled at running. Jason was an 11 year member of the Calgary Police Service and loved working the front lines protecting the citizens of Calgary.

In 2020 Jason became extremely ill and it was a miracle that he survived. Unfortunately, he suffered the loss of both of his legs which forced him to learn to walk and run again.. Jason’s commitment to get back to the mountains was the driving force behind his motivation to overcome the obstacles. Jason was determined to regain his life back, to run races, hike and return to work where and a uniform position where he could proudly serve the citizens of Calgary.

In June 2022 Jason lost his battle and we will honor him by presenting this award as a tribute to his dedication and conviction. In his memory we will finish the race for him and continue to proudly serve the community. The team that demonstrates the most team spirit and enthusiasm on race day will win a $250 gift card for the Cuff and Billy.


for the 2023 Calgary Police Half Marathon

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The event is finished.


Oct 01 2023


Calgary, AB