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Servus Calgary Marathon

Calgary Marathon

Calgary Marathon

If you’re going to any race this year, this is it.  The Calgary Marathon is by far the best show in town with a fair course that will leave you proud of what you’ve done in an atmosphere that blows you away.  Join the over ten thousand people who do this event every year and feel the excitement at the starting line. The energy, as beginners and pros alike soak in the vibe that comes from the challenge that awaits.  Surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of runners, the music pounding and the MC amping up the vibe, getting you ready for your event.

The choices are 5KM, 10KM, 21.1KM, 42.2KM or even a 60KM Ultra!

Then it’s up to you!

The finish takes you into a long gated sponsor line area that has great photo ops and into the Stampede Stadium for a spectacular finish in front of thousands of spectators.  The scene is electric and the medals and pictures are keepers.

For nearly six decades, the Servus Calgary Marathon has been at the forefront of running in this country, attracting runners from all over the world to discover our city while staying true to our Western roots and loyal to our homegrown runners. The sport has evolved and so do the goals of our participants, which is why the Servus Calgary Marathon continues to rise to meet the needs of our community.

All participants can fundraise for any of our 80+ charities through the Charity Challenge.

We will be supporting you throughout your journey to the start line with complimentary Asics Runkeeper training plans, meet ups, beer nights, RunTalks and so much more. The commitment you make when you register is to yourself, but you are not alone.


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May 26 2024


Calgary, AB
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