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Black Spur Ultra

Black Spur Ultra

The Black Spur Ultra is back up and racing and Color Right Now is racing along with you as a key supplier of racing bibs, bike plates, banners, signs, flags, tear drop flags, course markers & backdrops for BC races as well as races all over Canada.

108k • 54k • Relay

Black Spur Ultra is wrought from the winding, technical single track that trail runners dream about. No pavement, big climbs through rugged terrain, immaculate trails, and stunning scenery. Hosted at Kimberley Alpine Resort, you can walk to the start line right from your hotel room.

The race has 108k and 54k distance options. Solo either distance, or run on a team. The 108k is open to teams of up to six and the 54k teams of two or three. For soloists, the race course is a qualifier for UTMB.

Kimberley is a secluded gem nestled between the Purcell and Rocky mountains. With an extensive network of single and double track trails accessible right from the edge of town, Kimberley is a natural choice for a mountain ultra.

The community is genuinely friendly and welcoming, with a spirit that embraces outdoor adventure. Kimberley Alpine Resort is a world-class venue that is set up to host large groups, and it is perfectly situated on the trail network


for the 2023 Black Spur Ultra

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The event is finished.


Aug 26 - 27 2023


Kimberly, BC
Sinister Sports


Sinister Sports