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Design a saddle-stitch booklet using DesignCap

DesignCap (free limited software)

This program can give you the basic package for free, but if you need to save a better-quality file, might want to look at the other upgraded packages.

  1. Getting Started:

    Go to DesignCap and signup for the free program. We are going to use a template for this how-to. The more important information is the setup, you can make a blank template or one that is pre-designed on the DesignCap site.

    So let’s get started, there will be a tab at the top called “Templates”, click on it, and then close to a booklet template is “Report” and then a bundle of templates will show up. Click on one, and then the button customize.

  2. Design Tools:

    DesignCap has many design elements to customize your design, there are the tools to help you:

    Template (Pre-made templates)
    Elements (Clipart, Vector Images)
    Photos (Royalty Free Photographs)
    Chart (Excel Information Charts)
    Uploads (Loading your images and design)
    Text (Type and Type styles)
    Modules (Infographics, and website sample layout)
    Background (Adding sample backgrounds to the design)

    Once your design is done, the most important information is the setup of the booklet.

  3. Page setup:

    For most booklets, the page count needs to be divisible by 4 to work. Also, there is an order to place the pages. Please look below:

  4. How to place your pages:

    The easiest way to move your pages is to zoom out and click/select the page you want to move. Then there are arrows to go up and down to move the page to the position. on the sample shown above.

    Once the booklet is all set, it’s time to save.

  5. Save your deisgn:

    As far as this program, you can save the file as a JPEG and a small DPI for free. But if you want to save it as a PDF and High-quality DPI. That will cost a premium.

    The steps to save are:
    – Download
    – Name file
    – JPEG
    – Small

    Then click the download button.

Easy and free, that is how to design a saddle-stitched booklet using DesignCap

Do you have designing questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

When you have your design ready to print, your next step is to send us your file and request a price quote

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