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When the late 90’s came around, the advancement and influence of digital technology started making monumental strides. It was a speedy evolution that permitted clearer communication, faster creation and better quality in products.

Recognizing the potential of digital tech, Founder and CEO Rick Wilson started our business by investing in the fastest color laser printer available. From there, he started a unique model that provided Western Canada’s fastest growing companies with service that's accelerated and enhanced by modern printing machinery and practices.

This emphasis on being ahead of the curve granted Color Right Now a boost in production over its competitors, and kept expanding our services until we became one of Calgary’s essential printing organizations. Since our inception, Color Right Now has acquired Critical Document Services and City Wide Printing, which enabled us to expand to services such as direct mailing, fulfillment and full capacity offset printing.

We never aim to send clients searching if they have a niche printing project. That's why we sought to acquire all the equipment and materials necessary for clients to consistently depend on one spot for any job they need done. From simple to complex, from classic business cards to full vehicle wraps!

Today, Color Right Now still refuses to be complacent with its accomplishments. We have since branched out into the realm of digital marketing services to ensure that online presence isn't lost on our clients either. As technology becomes more complex, as tactics change and different challenges are presented, Color Right Now can always be counted on to keep our determined stride beyond modern standards.

Work Team

  • Rick Wilson

    Rick came to Calgary in February 1997, walked into Xerox, and told Scott Patrick that he was there to buy…

  • Richard Wilson

    Richard can hardly help his desire for a little harmless ribbing for his coworkers, but he also takes his relationship…

  • Dan Reid

    Though he's been working for Color Right Now for quite a while, Dan's experience in printing goes much further back.…

  • Luis Flores

    Luis has been bustling in the printing industry for over a decade since his move from Honduras, and specializes in…

  • Margaret Roorda

    With a whopping thirty years of circulating the printing industry under her belt, Margaret is no stranger to the art.…

  • Mary-Ann Banagale

    Another expert with more than a decade of printing experience to show off, Mary-Ann has settled well into the mailing…

Our Practice

Providing Solutions

Printing and advertising doesn't have to be a frustrating task. To avoid the headache, we're going to make the process easy to manage and transparent.

Customer Service

We’ll be there with you every step of the way, offering your project our full attention. We want to work with you to make sure every detail is accounted for.

Quality of Product

If the job doesn't have the most striking graphical quality and a lasting professional result, we didn't have a hand in it.


"CRN you guys are a great team. Aries Aviation Services had you guys doing our log books, maintenance tags, daily reports and misc aviation required printing. All I have to say is great work and customer service is to the max!!"

- Deb Parker, Aries Aviation

"Having worked with Rick and CRN in the past, I must admit that excellent service and outstanding workmanship was something I was used to. In starting our new business, Serenity Bath Boutique, I made one call and they addressed and solved all our requirements and needs for launching our new business. All on time and cost-effectively,

I cannot tell you how they compare to other printers in town as they have never given me cause to look; which is a testament to their commitment to excellence and fantastic customer service.

Would and do recommend them."

- Rob Siegmund, Serenity Bath Boutique

"Excellent service and excellent quality! Color Right Now came through for me 100% when I was in a bind and I needed prints done in a short time frame. The quality of the printed envelopes I needed turned out perfectly and I look forward to ordering from them again."

- Tamara J., Tamara J. Photography