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When the late 90’s came around, the advancement and influence of digital technology started making monumental strides. It was unprecedented evolution that permitted thorough communication, faster creation and better quality in products.

Recognizing the immense potential of dynamic digital tech, Founder and CEO of Color Right Now Rick Wilson started his business by investing in the fastest colour laser printer available. From there, he started a unique model that provided Western Canada’s fastest growing companies with service accelerated and enhanced by modern machinery and practices.

This emphasis on being ahead of the curve granted Color Right Now a boost on production and quality over its competitors, and continuously expanded the company’s services until it became one of Calgary’s essential printing organizations. Since our inception, Color Right Now has acquired Critical Document Services and City Wide Printing. This enabled us to expand to services such as direct mailing, fulfilment and full capacity offset printing.

We have never been keen on sending clients searching for any niche printing job, so we sought to acquire all the equipment and materials necessary for clients to consistently depend on one spot for every job that puts images and information to a surface. From the simple sentiment of a postcard to bombastic eye-catching displays on the trade floor, to vehicular advertising!

Today, Color Right Now still refuses to be complacent with its accomplishments. We have branched out into the realm of digital marketing services to ensure that essential online presence is not lost on our clients. As technology becomes more complex, as tactics change and different challenges are presented, Color Right Now can always be counted on to keep the determined stride for modern technique that it has maintained since we first opened our doors.

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Printing and advertising doesn't have to be a frustrating task. To avoid the headache, we're going to make the process easy to manage and transparent.

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"CRN you guys are a great team. Aries Aviation Services had you guys doing our log books, maintenance tags, daily reports and misc aviation required printing. All I have to say is great work and customer service is to the max!!"

- Deb Parker, Aries Aviation